A freak lab accident. 

A history erased! 

On New Earth the accidental test of a matter transmitter causes all history to disappear. 

Caught between oblivion and the unknown, Tremain and Christopher's only option is to use the same transmitter to travel back in time to hopefully find what had changed and fix it. 

Can Tremain & Christopher restore their missing yesterdays before they too fade away? 

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He’s been watching. 
… and waiting. 

On new earth, nothing is ever what it seems. 

Called in to view a satellite image, Tremain spots something that shouldn’t be there. 

Faced with the reality of a killer super-storm, a woman who isn’t what she pretends to be, and an unexpected reunion, Tremain and his nephew Christopher thought they had their hands full. 
That was until they came face to face with a vengeful being determined to destroy the humans he considers a plague. 

They’ll only have one chance to prove humanity is worth saving. 

Can they pacify the Wrath of the Revenant or will all hope be lost? 

Wrath cover_edited.jpg


A priceless artifact stolen. 
The fate of the world hangs in the balance. 

Faced with a dangerous decision, Tremain and his nephew Christoper must choose between two difficult paths. 

Either help a woman from their past find a weapon of unknown power, or risk the lives of everyone they care about. 

Can Tremain & Christopher unravel the secrets of the Purloined Pictograph before it's too late? 

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The veil between dimensions is thinning … 

Tremain, New Earth's premier scientist, is investigating strange incidents occurring all around Capitol City. Windows to other dimensions are popping open and disappearing just as quick. In the middle of all this, he receives some disconcerting news; Marjorie, his old mentor, is missing. 

Tremain and his nephew Christopher are torn between colliding realities, finding Marjorie, and a bothersome senate inquiry. 

Can they find what happened to Marjorie before all of reality collapses? 

Misplaced Mentor cover_edited_edited.jpg