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I'm a part of the OWS CyCon this year - Which means there are a veritable ton of authors participating in almost every genre available . . . it starts soon, so here's a link to the main con page . . . you know, just in case you want to check out the other authors and their work -- I'm not selfish, I'll share:

Also, there are a ton of facebook events going on during the con, so check them out too ...

So, what am I doing for the con? Good question! I'm doing this Top 5 tour -- along with a bunch of talented authors -- read their posts when you have a chance. I also have a booth set up in the SciFi group -- come visit! Ahem, so without further blather, here are my Top 5 influences for my writing . . . 5 -- Star Wars. Yes, I was swept up in the craze way back in 1977 when the very first Star Wars (what became known as A New Hope a few years later) movie came out. I got the book and read it cover to cover. Twice. I think once the toys started coming out, my brother and I made lists of every one we wanted. Not that it was going to happen, but you know . . . kids. 4 -- Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers

I absolutely loved the old black and white serials that would show on PBS (if I remember correctly, I wasn't in control of the dial -- yes, this was the age BEFORE remote controls). I was fascinated with the method of storytelling, something that was also brought out in the scene swipes in the Star Wars movies -- maybe that's why I loved it so much? Hmmmmm 3 -- Edgar Rice Burroughs Switching from movies/serials to books, anything by ERB stoked my very vivid imagination as a teenager. From the Mars books, to the Venus books to Tarzan and Pellucidar . . . I was filled with fantastic adventures and vivid images. To say ERB himself had an extremely vivid imagination is an understatement.

2 -- Star Trek Oh yes, I cannot forget this one. Imagining a future where everyone worked towards a common goal of exploration, fighting Romulans and Klingons, and flirting with any lovely alien? Count me in! I wanted to be Kirk, longed to be as smart and logical as Spock and have Scotty's accent. For the longest time, I had no idea the show had only run three seasons and I was watching it in syndication! In the 70's when the movies started coming out, I ran to the theater the moment it was there. I watched each one again when it came out on HBO or Showtime. I'm sure I drove my parents crazy, and then my wife, because, let's face it, some things never change. When The Next Generation started up, I think I sat down and watched every episode I could, and later on, re-watched from start to finish on Netflix. Now I'm watching Star Trek: Discovery, and am loving it all again. I've been excited, but underwhelmed by the new movies, but TV is where it all began and where it should really stay. AND, I'm definitely looking forward to the new Picard series when it starts later this year . . . 1 -- Doctor Who

I can't say I've yet met a SciFi author who hasn't watched and loved this show. A know-it-all who travels all of time and space, interfering with the bad guys and saving worlds upon worlds . . . what's not to love? I discovered this in college - and binge-watched it on the weekends. I loved how creepy it could be, how full of crap it could be, how camp, how funky . . . and how absolutely wonderful it was. I think I caught up with every actor to play the role up until it was finally cancelled in 1987. When it came back in 2005, I watched it once again, a little put off that it wasn't the same, but eventually it won me over. I can honestly say it's one series that never changes, but changes all the time. So there -- my top 5 influences on my writing. I hope we share some of them, because life is fun when you can share your interests. You can see why I was so excited for these shows/books. Hopefully, you can see that same excitement in my writing. Email me and let me know, won't you? Obligatory Con text follows . . . LOL -- no really, read it, there are some fun links!

OWS CyCon officially runs May 17-19 with the CyCon website and Facebook events acting as the hub for all of our events. Sign up for our newsletter or RSVP to the event to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the bookish goodness we have to offer. Plus, you can read more about our participating Sci Fi authors and their Top 5 favorites in Sci-Fi before CyCon starts. Visit the blog hop page any time leading up to CyCon for the latest posts and your chance to enter our MEGA giveaway (open May 10).

Until next time!


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