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New deck + rain

So we haven't had rain here in the Pacific Northwest in over two months, which, if I'm not mistaken, broke a record. Last weekend I finally finished my theee-year deck project.  It's nothing spectacular, but it really adds a good amount of usable area to my horror-show of a backyard.  

Today, I was going to move our outdoor furniture to the new deck in order to clean off the cement pad, but, Mother Nature decided she wanted to rain today.  Yay for rain, but that means no outside playing for me.  Oh well.  Not like I don't have a honey-do list that's steadily growing, but whatever.  Lol. 

I also have some writing to do - you know, that little creative project that helps me stay sane-ish?  

My brother, who lives in Tampa, is experiencing rain as well, which puts my whining into perspective.  Irma is going to devastate Florida.  I just hope the shelters do their jobs well. I'll be watching the news as I'm not sure cell service will hold up.  

If you want to help those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey and soon to be Irma, please donate to the Red Cross - the money goes to a good cause.   

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