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Outlining and overthinking

I've started the outline to the next Adventures book -- and I find I overthink quite a bit. You know what I mean, don't you? I have an idea, a scene, a plot point or something. Instead of writing it down, I turn it over in my head -- over and over and over -- until I'm basically done with it. I'm tired of thinking about it -- it's getting old. I put it away and (sometimes) forget about it.

When it comes time to write that stuff down, I'm lost as to what I really wanted that scene to be since I overthunk it in the first place. Seriously screwy. I think (there I go again) that I may have a bit of a solution to that -- instead of keeping that all up in my noggin, I write it down -- maybe -- just the gist of the scene -- or what I think it should be. That way when the time comes to actually storyboard it, I should know what I was thinking. There's that stinking word again.

Additionally, I thought I had a pretty good kernel of a story started, until I realized I had no villain. I had conflict, but no specific bad guy. This bugged me until I presented this conundrum to one of my favorite author facebook groups. They showed me the light (so to speak). It's conflict that drives a story forward, not a bad guy. I knew that, deep down inside, but it was good to have that realized. So, my story should/will work -- I just have to craft it wisely. I'll give myself plenty of time to do it too. No rushing. But that means I have to start the darned thing. LOL

I'm still working on my process -- I visualize it, get an idea of what I want. I sleep on it and let my subconscious get jiggy with it (trust me, it works). Sometimes, I'll even dream about it (which worked for my last two novellas). Then, when I'm sure I have something workable, I start scribbling. A short summary, just to get it on paper, then, when I'm ready, I'll get on the computer and note-card it in Scrivener. I'm getting to know the program better, and the tutorials I find online are making it easier to use.

I'll keep you posted when I finally get something good going. In the meantime, I have a short story that I'll send out to everyone (hint, hint -- go subscribe!) -- with a second one on the way.

I have a few ideas for stories/books outside of the Adventures books I've been writing, so we'll see where that takes me -- you never know when the muse will bite.

Until later --


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