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Inspiration -- where does it come from?

I get inspired pretty easily sometimes. I tend to think it's due to my creative nature -- but who knows.

Trust me, there are plenty of things that tamp down my creative urges -- the day job during the holidays was a total stomping down of any creativity and inspiration. We were soooooooooooooo busy. But now all that stress is behind us (not that the holidays themselves are stressful -- just the work crap around it LOL), I'm finding myself getting more into tackling the writing again.

It doesn't take much -- maybe a good song on Spotify at the right time, or like the other night, hearing Prince play one of his songs unplugged -- just him, a guitar and a microphone (it's on youtube -- just search for Prince acoustic, and it'll come up). The guy could just play.

The thing is, we can't tell when we're going to "feel it". Usually, it'll happen at work, or in the middle of something equally as important. The trick is to keep that urge at bay -- store it and save it for when you have time to act on it. Keeping a note pad (or my phone) handy helps big time. Jotting down something right then helps to take that edge off.

Music is always a great source of inspiration -- music touches us emotionally and what is inspiration but a surge of emotion? Our imaginations are fickle things too. The thing that wakes your inner artist may not work the same way next time.

I'd love to hear what inspires you -- for me recently, like I mentioned above, it's been awesome guitar playing. It could be anything else -- so what has been doing it for you?

I'm definitely going to be taking some time this weekend and tapping those reserves -- not only with the writing, but coming up with a marketing plan for 2018 -- or at the very least, understanding what my options are -- planning might come later.

Keep writing, keep reading -- and keep inspiring!


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