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Olympic blues . . . and other stuff.

The winter Olympic games ended last night. I won't lie to you, there were tears shed in the Marchion household as the images of the games passed by not only on the screen, but in our minds.

In each iteration of the Games (capital G), there are images that are indelibly etched into our minds -- images that speak to the power of sport to unite everyone, despite language barriers, politics or whatever. Well, most of us. Some spectators were there because of politics, but I'm referring to the athletes. Every athlete interviewed was glowing in their depiction of the other athletes -- you know, the ones who compete under other flags.

It's funny -- as a kid watching the Games, I never rooted for the "other" athletes, only our guys -- mostly because I didn't know better -- and they spoke English funny. Now, I watch and root for EVERY athlete -- because, they, like our guys, are doing what they love to do -- and they deserve to win just as much as anyone does. Funny how growing older (I refuse to age) gives you such a perspective -- well, as referred above, MOST of us gain a broader perspective.

Think of Ester Ledecka' -- who was stunned by her result in the women's Super G -- she couldn't believe she won. Think of Yuzuru Hanyu, who glided across the ice as if he owned that skating rink -- or 15 year old Alina Zagitova -- let me say that again -- 15 YEARS OLD!! Christ, at 15, I was pathetic. This kid wins Gold at the Olympics. She was just as graceful and fluid as Hanyu and owned the ice.

Or how about the USA Women's Hockey Team? Talk about grit and skill as they came from behind and beat the Canadian team for Gold.

How about Shaun White -- coming back for one more Olympics to win Gold

How about Chloe Kim -- just 17 years old and unfazed by her fame and popularity. Gold medal winner.

Or even Mikaela Shiffrin - the heir apparent to Lindsey Vonn, who skied her heart out and came home with two medals. Then there's Vonn herself, in her last Olympics, embodying what it means to be an Olympian.

Then there are the ones who didn't win gold -- we don't remember their names maybe, but we do remember their drive and we rooted for them as they came down the hill, skated across the ice, slid down the luge track, etc.

The Olympics are always an event -- I get to watch sports I don't any other time (my bad -- I'm going to try and fix that) -- in my house, we watch every possible moment we can, and it's glorious. I get emotional watching the competition, I shout along with the announcers as the winners cross that finish line or finish their routines or whatever. It's a joy to watch.

AND -- it's fun to watch athletes do things I could never do - or even dream to do -- hell, I can't even rollerskate, let alone keep my balance on ice skates, skis or snowboards. Yes, I'm a klutz, but at least I'm a loveable klutz!

Needless to say, I didn't get much writing done. I DID write, however -- so that's a win. I finally got a Surface Pro 3 off of ebay for a very good price, so I spent some time getting that set up and did some writing over the past weekend. It felt good to get words out.

Draft 1 of The Misplaced Mentor is almost done. I'll edit that, refine it and make it mo'bettah, then shoot that to my editor. Meanwhile, I'll work on getting my cover. It's coming together. Hey, maybe I'll win gold! LOL

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Olympics - - or on anything, if you'd like . . .

Until next time . . .


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