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Cinco de Mayo . . . ouch.

The title says it all. We had a wonderful time with friends on Saturday -- in which more than one potent tequila laden adult-type-beverage was imbibed. Lots of laughter, which may have been prompted by the alcohol, and some good, if not a little fuzzy, memories made. All of this resulted in a pounding head Sunday morning, which made my desire to write fly out the window. I had no energy for anything, which made mowing the grass a monumental feat for me. Oh, I felt like a mess. We don't normally drink like that, so paying the price was doubly painful. By the evening, I was pretty much back to normal, but worn out -- like I'd been hit by a truck, or run a marathon, maybe both. Writing didn't happen.

Writing lately has been like pulling teeth. It's not that I have any writer's block, it's more like I feel stuck. I KNOW that I have to finish this edit, add the new material I have to add, but it's soooooo haaaaaaaard! I've been attempting to get up an hour earlier to get more done during the week, because, as evidenced above, my weekends can be derailed. That's been a fun exercise -- can you hear the sarcasm?

It's funny -- it's not that I don't have the creative urge to write, it's when I actually sit down, I'm just not feeling it. That's apparently normal, so yay me. I still work a day job, so when does my creative bug decide to bite? Yeah -- around 10am-ish, right in the middle of my morning.


The biggest problem I've faced with this one is I've drastically underwritten. All three of my previous novellas have hovered just under the 30k word mark. This one's first draft topped out at 18k. That's not a huge deal, 12k words shouldn't be THAT hard to eke out, right? It's extremely difficult, when you just don't know WHAT you want to add. More background? More mystery? More . . . more . . . more? So there I sit, stuck. I know what I have to do -- push on through it. Maybe a change of scenery, maybe a change in the routine, whatever works, I have to do it. I am going to finish this book and move onto the next one. I already have part of the story figured out, but refuse to start writing anything down until I've finished this one. It's the bargain I've made -- can't move on until this job is done.

So, that's life for now -- I'll get it finished, and you just have to work through the difficult times to get to the fun times . . . fun being getting feedback . . . that's almost always the fun part. Almost . . .

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