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Writing vs Composing

Is there really a difference? I had a great conversation with a fellow writer by the name of Josh Monroe. The difference between us is he writes music, while I write fiction. I was struck with the similarities in what we do -- despite the difference in the final product.

He has a story to tell -- only he doesn't do it with words, but with notes. Each note is meant to evoke an emotion -- a connection with the music, which, in turn connects to the story that will be told.

But the similarities don't stop there. There are times he's stuck too -- where the music just isn't working for him -- kind of like how a writer doesn't quite know where to go from "here" - call it writer's block or whatever, it just is. How we push past it is the same for every creative, no matter the medium, even if we go about it in different ways.

I've listened to some of his music -- I'm sorry to say I haven't devoured all of it -- and he's good! Check out his project alpha page:

The funny part is how he admired my body of work -- 4 books in 3 years with another in progress . . he was impressed! And here I though I was still only a newbie . . . go figure.

Just goes to show you that no matter how you look at yourself and what you do, there will always be someone who is looking up at you -- even if they're pretty darn accomplished themselves. So the whole insecurity thing just flies out the window, doesn't it? We're ALL in the same boat -- just trying to create the best we can.

Speaking of creating, I'm putting the final formats to a compilation of the first three Adventures books -- once that's done, it'll be up on Amazon, hopefully soon. As an added bonus, I've also included two new, never-before-seen short stories. I'm excited to get that out in the wild so I can dive into book 5 with both feet . . . er, hands.

What's book 5 about, you ask (and thank you for asking)? Well, think about world domination and the end of technology with only Tremain and Christopher standing in the way. Intrigued? Lordy, I hope so! In the coming weeks, I hope to have a few teasers on my facebook page -- check it out . . . . . .

Until then


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